Champions Golf Club is a destination where committed players in Houston (and from around the U.S.) come to play competitive golf at its best. Our sense of tradition and community generates strong loyalty throughout our membership that extends beyond the sport.

Jackie Burke & Jimmy Demaret created a Club with a membership that was devoted to the game, thirsty for competition and driven to be the best golfers they could be!  Golf is the passion of our players, and because of this vision Champions has established one of the strongest playing memberships in the country.   Members play often to improve their game, enjoy the tranquility of the course and comradery of the members. 

In 2018 the famed Cypress Creek course underwent a significant restoration project.   For information on the project please click here.

We invite you to be a part of Champions.

It's only a game!

Birdieing the last three holes to win happens by accident.  It isn't in the plans. To finish strong, you must think only of executing each shot as it comes.  Jack Burk Jr.

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